Irregular verbs in federal law rewrite debates

At one level, the most recent debate over federal elementary and secondary education policy is about annual testing: will the next rewrite of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act continue to require that states test public school children annually in grades 3-8? The draft bill released by Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) suggested he was considering two possible policies: a […]

Reporter Doesn’t Know She Has Written Same Article on Teaching at least Five Times, Maybe Twenty

Jane Halibut had her first byline at the Metropolis Herald at age 23, with a profile of a Metropolis State University physics professor who taught introductory classes in a studio setting and doubled the number of physics majors. Halibut’s story became the most-emailed article for the month, and she was showered with kudos from the Herald‘s publisher.

State-level NAEP data — slightly wonkish

Earlier this week, Morgan Polikoff and I had a brief Twitter exchange about the use of the low-stakes National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests for policy analysis, specifically the consequences of high-stakes accountability. I am on record as being moderately dissatisfied with use of state-level NAEP data for education policy analysis, and given the continued use of […]

Groundbreaking Study Shows We Have Been Doing It All Wrong

When familiar behavior you see every day happens, you think to yourself, I know that behavior is what I’ve been told that behavior is, amirite? Brand new research gives absolutely incontrovertible proof that we may be completely misunderstanding common behavior. Boom! A new study by unnamed researchers at some universities we’ve never heard of before […]

Fragmentary thoughts at the start of a semester

The semester break at Arizona State University is over. My grand designs to write the Great American Novel during the break never existed, probably a good idea. In the meantime… Stephanie Simon had the most provocative article title of the last week, accusing Obama’s education program of being “pomp and fizzle.” Simon is missing a lot of […]