Ten things I will miss about Tampa and Florida

If one were to rely on pop culture, you might get the following impression of Tampa: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

Common Core: Okay is better than 90% crud

Gene Glass and David Berliner are starting in on a sequel to their 50 Myths book that came out recently. Gene Glass has a blog entry from March 12 titled Myth #51: The Common Core will save America. In it, he challenged me for the ambiguity in last year’s Bottom 10 Common Core blarney post. […]

Education voucher politics in Florida, early April 2014

Halfway through the springtime legislative scrum this year in Florida, it is not clear what if anything will change about Florida’s set of education voucher policies. Events in the Florida Senate today scramble things a little more, and I do not know whether that will clear an evident logjam or tangle it further.

Join the Digital Inhumanities

Over the past decade, the renewed connections between digital manipulation and traditional humanities has led to a renaissance in the quantification of the unquantifiable, the digitization of the uncountable, and the encoding of the ineffable. It is high time that we encapsulate this academic movement in a term that will be broadly recognizable, attractive to […]

Writing an anonymous patronizing column is not mentoring

Almost a decade ago, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a column by “Ivan Tribble” (a pseudonym), slamming the growth of blogs written by fellow scholars (and bluntly saying that as far as he was concerned, “bloggers need not apply” to his institution). Last week, the Chronicle published another anonymous column by a senior scholar, […]