Education policy

Occam’s Conspiracy Theory

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the persistence of conspiracy theories, whether related to the Common Core or education policy more generally. Wrestling with conspiracy theories and the like matter; as Jonathan Martin’s New York Times article on GOP Common Core politics shows, education policymaking involves all sorts of claims: legitimate, fuzzy, and easily […]

Common Core: Okay is better than 90% crud

Gene Glass and David Berliner are starting in on a sequel to their 50 Myths book that came out recently. Gene Glass has a blog entry from March 12 titled Myth #51: The Common Core will save America. In it, he challenged me for the ambiguity in last year’s Bottom 10 Common Core blarney post. […]

Education voucher politics in Florida, early April 2014

Halfway through the springtime legislative scrum this year in Florida, it is not clear what if anything will change about Florida’s set of education voucher policies. Events in the Florida Senate today scramble things a little more, and I do not know whether that will clear an evident logjam or tangle it further.

How charter co-location looks from afar

In the past week, there has been a political firestorm in New York as advocates of charter schools in New York City raised hell over the denial of co-location privileges for a minority of new charter schools that were to start in fall 2014. The outgoing administration of Michael Bloomberg (and his last schools chancellor […]

Why does Senator Elizabeth Warren repeat a (fairly new but inaccurate) canard?

University of Wisconsin sociologist Sara Goldrick-Rab, AFT President Randy Weingarten, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are at a forum on student debt this morning. Goldrick-Rab just asked on Twitter why Warren sticks to her rhetorical position that the federal government “profits” from student loans: Not sure why @SenWarren wants to suggest fed govt profits from […]