Higher education

Why does Senator Elizabeth Warren repeat a (fairly new but inaccurate) canard?

University of Wisconsin sociologist Sara Goldrick-Rab, AFT President Randy Weingarten, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are at a forum on student debt this morning. Goldrick-Rab just asked on Twitter why Warren sticks to her rhetorical position that the federal government “profits” from student loans: Not sure why @SenWarren wants to suggest fed govt profits from […]

Join USF’s educational studies masters program!

My college is starting up an educational studies masters program this year–we’d love to have you apply!–and if you click the link, you’ll see a discussion of who would benefit from the program, how to combine an ed studies masters degree with doctoral programs, and post-graduate outcomes. The following is the transparent end sentence: “The […]

American Studies Association chickens out on boycott resolution

For the past 12 days, I have been in Australia, drawn by an invitation to speak at the Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society meeting in Brisbane (whose pronunciation rhymes with “Fizzbin”). It’s been a marvelous opportunity to learn more about the history of another country, especially since I had friend and retired […]

The wrong moves for faculty

At the start of the academic year, it has now become almost de rigeur to write blog entries/listicles to students about how to communicate with faculty. This comes out of painful experience by those who have had critical emails from students diverted to spam because students used spammish subject lines such as “Hey!” or “Critical […]

General-education courses and barriers to entry

A few days ago I made a number of suggestions for state higher education policy, the first of which was for state legislators to pay the costs of general-education courses that students currently pay in tuition and fees, at least at community colleges. This morning, Matt Reed writes that he is concerned about two consequences […]