Contradictory arguments about “teacher equity” and the missing market analysis

Bottom line for this long post: few people take labor markets seriously in education. I mean seriously, not ideologically.1 We need some work in market design for the hiring of new teachers and the issue of teacher skill distributions. On May 13, Allyson Klein wrote a brief but illuminating Ed Week blog entry about the […]

Walking through a mental neighborhood

Severe storms at the USF Tampa campus pushed me off campus this afternoon, and I’ve used it in part to catch up on reading, such as Joy Ann Williamson-Lott’s article “The Battle over Power, Control, and Academic Freedom at Southern Institutions of Higher Education, 1955–1965” ($$) in last November’s Journal of Southern History. It’s an important […]

The first rule of White Club (privilege discourse and history)

Nevada freeloader-rancher Cliven Bundy and Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling happened to say a lot about American racism this week in ways that sometimes require open prejudice to show: we’re nowhere near a post-racial society.

Erratum for “Writing History in the Digital Age”

I realized this morning that I had omitted an acknowledgment in my chapter for Writing History in the Digital Age. In the chapter, I noted that for some historians, there were places to write about methods and specifically mentioned archaeology as one of those fields. What I failed to mention was my debt to USF […]

Historiographical analysis generally includes at least two types of analysis among the six shown here: the intellectual history of the literature, the specific arguments about time and place, memes common in secondary sources, deeper models of social behavior, the tone taken towards a subject, and the philosophy and ethics of writing history.

What is historiography?

In my talk earlier this month at the Australia and New Zealand History of Education Society, I wanted to make the different strands of my argument clear, and after I framed the broader question of the talk, I formalized the way I often talk about historiography (mostly with graduate students). Historiography is one of the few […]