Why does Senator Elizabeth Warren repeat a (fairly new but inaccurate) canard?

University of Wisconsin sociologist Sara Goldrick-Rab, AFT President Randy Weingarten, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren are at a forum on student debt this morning. Goldrick-Rab just asked on Twitter why Warren sticks to her rhetorical position that the federal government “profits” from student loans: Not sure why @SenWarren wants to suggest fed govt profits from […]

Dear Middle-Aged Dad

Dear Middle-Aged Dad, I’m a national columnist who just found myself in hot water because I think it’s conventional for people to gag over mixed-race marriages. Is there a way out of this mess? Gentle Reader: No. Dear Middle-Aged Dad, I’m an editor of a columnist who just said some obviously racist things. But he’s […]

19,000 reasons to pay attention to Common Core politics

According to the Orlando Sentinel’s Leslie Postal, the set of 19,000 comments that the Florida Department of Education received on the Common Core state standards is not quite the 20,000 comments on the state science standards when they were in the process of being rewritten in 2007-08. But 19,000 still easily outstrips most involvement of […]

I did not have to apply to be Florida’s education commissioner

Fortunately, Florida’s Board of Education decided not to conduct a full search for a new state commissioner of education. Instead, they decided that their second-time-around interim commissioner Pam Stewart would have the job. Whew! When Tony Bennett resigned in the summer, I wondered if the board of education would try to snag a supposed star […]

Rhetorical allocations in higher education

Sara Goldrick-Rab’s discussion in early August of higher education, health care, and costs argues that there needs to be more nuts-and-bolts scrutiny of costs in colleges. I agree, and yet I also think it is difficult to do so cleanly. If you think hospitals are good at obscuring what is spent where (and they are very good […]