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What will be the last sordid act for Richard McCormick?

As a researcher, Richard McCormick has been a political historian. As president of Rutgers University for the past decade, he’s been a jockstrap-sniffing disaster, whose funneling of money from academics to athletics has been roughly the same order of magnitude as declines in state support: FY 2010 athletic subsidies of $27 million against the $29 million […]

My question for President Obama on his State of the Union address

The White House is accepting questions on the State of the Union address at its YouTube channel, so I decided to submit one: Mr. President, you have talked frequently about the need to avoid teaching to the test. Many educators believe Race to the Top is inconsistent with that value. Can you name one step […]

The missing pieces on affordability discussions

Just a quick note on the White House proposal for changes in federal aid policy tied to college tuition and “value”: apparently the devil is going to be in even finer details. The primary concern I have is about the phrasing of changed student aid formulas in the following: Setting responsible tuition policy, offering relatively lower […]

The Pascal’s Wager wager

Welcome to my world, ed policy folks: small impacts can be very meaningful, but primarily in the long term. One of the sadder bits of the post-Lowrey story Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff (s)extrapolation is the attempt to magnify the scale of outcomes beyond what the research shows. The economists concluded that the impact of shifting a […]

Why a STEM focus is difficult

The first Florida House hearing on higher education budgeting shows part of why it is difficult to have a “STEM focus” in a public college and university system: money woes suck up all the oxygen in a room. In Florida, both the statewide faculty union and administrators have been talking about the need to invest in the […]