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Assignment realities at community colleges and public research universities

David C. Levy’s screed at the Washington Post this weekend is typical of crankiness among some of those who don’t know much about higher education, believing that face time with students is the bulk of time that faculty teach in higher ed. More than that, he went after community college faculty as the place to push […]

I’m dreaming of a white paper, just like the ones I used to read…

Between the America’s Promise report on graduation, the Center on Education Policy report on School Improvement Grants, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) report on education and national security, education reporters have their reading lists for the week. No need for real news: press conferences are all (though I have sympathies for the flacks […]

Fun with education funding and ROI, historically

Fun with education funding and ROI, historically

As I wrote in the entry from March 10 on manipulated charts,1 there’s a legitimate discussion to be had about investments in education, returns on investment, and so forth, but not if we start with manipulated presentations. What sorts of questions are relevant? I’m a little hesitant to dive in, as I have published exactly […]

High (court) citation

A shout-out to my brother Stan, for his work has been cited by a DOJ brief to the Supreme Court in the health-care reform case (Florida v. HHS).

America’s Promise 2012 report relies on problematic graduation measure… for the last time?

This year’s America’s Promise report on high school graduation rates has just been released, and according to the description on p. 23, the non-profit is using the Adjusted Freshman Graduation Rate, which has a moderate relationship at best to the new federal adjusted-cohort rate, at least using Florida data. A little better is the Johns […]