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Bernie Machen #fail

Steven Salzberg says it better than I could, on Forbes. Since 2008, President Bernie Machen and Provost Joe Glover have repeatedly taken bad news from the legislature and made it palpably worse for UF.1 To take one example, at the beginning of this half-decade of budge cuts, UF targeted a single faculty member in Arts […]

Reports on college student learning leave out passion

Thursday’s David Brooks column talks simple-mindedly about wanting colleges to be held accountable for student learning, somewhat misstates a key claim of Academically Adrift, and writes in a generally David Brooksish style, which should only be alarming if you were expecting a Krugman column. From my position deep in the territory controlled by the Southern Association […]

Why you don’t pillory employees, even the total jerks

I know very little about the HR policies of police departments, including at University of California Davis, but I knew a few things Conor Friedersdorf did not when writing a screed at The Atlantic about employee record privacy tied to the pepper-spraying cop. Friedersdorf is outraged that the employment status of Lieutenant John Pike is […]

Kale chips and the LMS

For the last three Thursday mornings, I’ve sat through presentations by a combination of developers and sales teams from three different learning management systems (or LMSs), since USF’s IT department wanted to look at the institution’s choices and asked faculty and students from around the university to help organize an evaluation of different LMSs.1 We […]

Florida third-grade retention study

A new study by Marcus Winters on Florida’s third-grade retention policy was distributed last week by the Manhattan Institute. I’ve had only a chance to browse it, but it uses regression discontinuity, which is one of the ways to try to adjust for incomparability of intervention and non-intervention group. That’s good, and given the messiness of […]