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Common-sense education policy for a Wednesday afternoon

In the United States, it’s the middle of the week after Thanksgiving. You’ve had several days of work in a row with weeks of work staring at you before the next day off. We’re heading towards winter. Grover Norquist has more appearances on television this week than you’ve ever had in your life. And Thomas […]

Common core standards may die on a cross moldy bread slice of social studies

I am not sure what to make of last week’s almost-unreported news of a “vision for the… framework” of social studies announced by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Checker Finn read vacuity in it.1 I am not quite sure, except for the weird claim by the CCSSO’s executive director that “CSSSO is not […]

Are campus chapters of X just branches or local entities?

Earlier this month, Students for Education Reform chapters in New York City (at NYU and Columbia) planned to publicly protest the lack of an agreement on teacher evaluations between the New York teachers union and the city schools. In the last year, the city Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers agreed on […]

The new “trad” Irish folk ensemble

Since plenty of policy bloggers devote Friday to cultural stuff (and in one case fishing adventures), it’s time for me to play my hand. This is a story I reported on my personal blog about 6 years ago, and it still warms my heart. Every other week, Joseph’s friends gather at his house to play […]

Why shared governance is such a damned good thing… for administrators

After I stepped down 19 months ago from being the head of the faculty union at USF, I got ribbed by my successor about “turning to the dark side” with an appointment last August as a department chair. “More like the gray side,” I replied. (In my college, chairs are in the faculty union bargaining […]