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The institutional dilemmas of online education, or why there ain’t no such thing as a monolith

This entry may appear cryptic, because it was inspired or prodded or nagged into being by a Twitter conversation between Sara Goldrick-Rab of U. Wisconsin-Madison and Andrew Kelly of the American Enterprise Institute, discussing whether online education is a “profit center” of colleges and universities and whether the siren song of MOOCs is … um, […]

“The Grading Game,” or a think tank report review addendum

The think tank report review by Ken Libby and me is up on the National Education Policy Center website today. This is a review of the StudentsFirst State Policy Report Card from January, and there isn’t too much more to say than what is in it, but for what it’s worth: Ken (a doctoral student […]

Early childhood education, feminism, and public policy

This week the internet has apparently been exploding with meteors discussion of the president’s pre-school policy agenda. From a purely selfish standpoint, I wish the president had proposed this during the campaign. In the fall, I was teaching a graduate course in the history of childhood, and I organized the seminar around the central question, […]

Seattle teachers and the administrative politics of formative assessment

This week, the expanding protest of teachers at Seattle’s Garfield High School has become a topic of national debate. It is difficult to parse out the issues because the tactics of the teachers at Garfield are relatively narrow but resonate with all sorts of larger issues around assessment.