The b-word and education politics

Blogger KDeRosa calls George Miller “a Whiny Bitch” (hat tip), which makes me wonder where this performative name-calling came from (see Andy Rotherham’s running joke about Rick Hess, though I don’t know where that came from, either, and I thought it would be more appropriate to call him Rick “Baby” Hess, since that’s the interjection he uses frequently).

Fundamentally, KDeRosa is trying to slap down Miller’s rhetoric ($ after today), which in turn is an effort to pivot around Spellings’s claims that the Miller-McKeon draft is too wimpy when Miller pointed out that the federal DOE isn’t exactly clean on loopholes.

I never knew that education politics was a macho sport. Maybe we can get it on ESPN now, if we can get a little more trash-talking? Or will they be serving diabetes-sized buckets of cheap beer at the next Washington education think-tank gathering?

Take home message: Any day of the week, I’ll take ideas over name-calling. What about you?