Sansom watch, December 24 edition

Three new items on Ray Sansom and his job at Northwest Florida State College (all commentary):

  • Sansom has no place to hide, Pennsacola News Journal editorial Dec. 23. “You know the situation is getting critical when politicians under fire begin refusing to talk to the reporters uncovering inconvenient facts, and throw down the ‘partisan politics’ card.”
  • Deceit further shreds Sansom’s credibility, St. Petersburg Times editorial Dec. 24. “What’s nauseating is Sansom’s hypocrisy and his unwillingness to candidly answer for steering college construction money to an airport hangar project sought by a friend. What’s equally disturbing is that his Republican colleagues in the Legislature are not demanding answers from the speaker who is tarnishing them all.”
  • Job-bliss, I-110 good, a dog’s life (“Sansom saga” subhead). Mark O’Brien column in Pensacola News Journal Dec. 24. “[I]t’s refreshing and ironic to see South Florida people upset about what a Panhandle politician did. And so depressing to see how few leaders will stand up to Sansom and say, ‘This is wrong.'” First good joke from this scandal: “And what about Judy Bense, now the interim president of the University of West Florida? Her brother, Allen Bense, was House speaker a few years ago, but UWF hardly cashed in on the Sansom scale. Maybe someone should get Bense a T-shirt: ‘My brother was Speaker of the House and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.'”
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