Two program notes

It's the tail end of the semester, which means I have to fight off a horrid case of Shiny Bright Object Syndrome. I need to remind myself that the reason why I have an almost-irresistible urge to blog on a number of topics, read great books, attempt the Bartok or Penderecki viola concertos,* and try a few new skills is because I need to do something much more mundane, such as paying attention to students. I pre-prepped a few blog entries this week, but it's going to get sparse for the next two weeks in this space.

One example of something catching my eye is the new Florida blog RedefinED, sponsored by key staff in the corporate tax-credit voucher program organization Step Up for Students and mostly written by ex-reporters Jon East and Adam Emerson. I'll resist for now, but I expect to be responding to entries there on a regular basis. Disclosure: Adam and I spoke during the fall about planning a blog, and I was a regular informant for him when he wrote about higher ed for the Tampa Tribune. I disagree with Step up for Students on a number of policy issues, but Adam's an enormously hard-working writer, and this blog should provide good reading. 

* No way, no how, not with my skills. That is, unless you misbehave, and then I'll open up my case and practice on in front of you.