New York Times indulges in iconographics – ugh!

Today’s America by the Numbers is a set of gratuitous icons next to decontextualized numbers. Cases in point: civil marriages and divorces. The numbers in the Times icon display are crude rates, against the entire population. Of course one would expect a lower marriage rate as a population ages, because young adults are more likely to marry. And the crude divorce rate is not nearly as meaningful as the rate of divorces in the married population (let alone divorce rates by the age of ex-spouses).

Part of the reason why this is so disappointing from the Times (as opposed to other publications which invented or has perpetuated the “bad infographic” industry)? They regularly do business with Andy Beveridge’s shop, which produces some spectacular graphs and thematic maps.

One response to “New York Times indulges in iconographics – ugh!”

  1. CCPhysicist

    Nothing says Infographics like The Onion:,7951/