Worklife after union chapter leadership

At 12:01 am on Friday, I became the immediate ex-president of the USF chapter of our faculty union, the United Faculty of Florida. My best wishes go to my successor Paul Terry, who works on the USF Polytechnic campus and (I believe) is the first chapter president from a non-Tampa campus at USF. (The faculty representative to the Trustees is Liz Larkin, who works on the Sarasota-Manatee campus and also the first such representative from outside Tampa.)

So what happens the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I find myself relieved of the chapter leadership responsibilities?

  • Meetings on Friday!
  • Reading/grading student work
  • Answering emails from students
  • Waiting around (for the last hour and again between 7 and 8 tonight) for any students who want to use my chat availability to ask questions about class
  • Attending a performance by USF students on campus at the new concert hall
  • Working on some odds and ends of my role as associate chair of the department, and
  • Taking a call from the UFF executive director and answering a few emails about logistics from Professor Terry

The call was congratulatory (our chapter has added more than one hundred members in the last year), and the questions from the new chapter president were easy to answer. But I woke up yesterday and today to read papers in the morning, so I'm not worrying that I'll be bored any time soon.

I mentioned last month that part of the decision was my acceptance of the department chair position beginning in August 2011. I will continue to blog, if I have time, though not about topics where I have a responsibility to represent my department on an institutional level. My dean specifically told me she did not have any concerns about that as long as I made clear I was speaking as an individual faculty member and not as the department representative, but I have plenty of topics to write about that are going to be fairly well removed from those specific responsibilities.