Bernie Machen #fail

Steven Salzberg says it better than I could, on Forbes. Since 2008, President Bernie Machen and Provost Joe Glover have repeatedly taken bad news from the legislature and made it palpably worse for UF.1 To take one example, at the beginning of this half-decade of budge cuts, UF targeted a single faculty member in Arts and Sciences and claimed she was a layoff unit by herself — the arbitrator in the grievance that resulted ruled not that the layoff violated the collective bargaining agreement but also mandated that UF keep her employed until she had a chance to go up for tenure. Now, Machen and Glover are taking apart a STEM unit, one that helped recruit an employer to Gainesville.

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  1. Reminder: This is my opinion as an individual faculty member and does not necessarily represent the views of my department colleagues or my college or university as a whole. My judgment here is reasonably consistent with the views of the UFF chapter at UF and UFF staff and elected leadership at the state level. []