Lack of perspective at the American Historical Association

Yesterday was eventful at the third day of the American Historical Association annual meeting in Atlanta but not in a good way.

  • Police arrested Tufts faculty member Felipe Fernandez-Armesto for jaywalking and put him in jail until the prosecutors dropped charges, embarrassed.
  • The AHA business meeting failed to approve a strongly-worded measure opposing campus speech codes and approved only a watered-down resolution “free speech zones.”

So it looks like Atlanta police think jaywalking is a worse crime than murder and those who attended the AHA business meeting think that the only type of speech restrictions they needed to take a stand on yesterday were so-called “free speech zones.”
Is there something about Atlanta this weekend that saps one’s judgment? I have friends there this weekend for various events, and I just hope everyone’s judgment returns by the time they hit the highway.

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