Why you don’t pillory employees, even the total jerks

I know very little about the HR policies of police departments, including at University of California Davis, but I knew a few things Conor Friedersdorf did not when writing a screed at The Atlantic about employee record privacy tied to the pepper-spraying cop. Friedersdorf is outraged that the employment status of Lieutenant John Pike is […]

What will be the last sordid act for Richard McCormick?

As a researcher, Richard McCormick has been a political historian. As president of Rutgers University for the past decade, he’s been a jockstrap-sniffing disaster, whose funneling of money from academics to athletics has been roughly the same order of magnitude as declines in state support: FY 2010 athletic subsidies of $27 million against the $29 million […]

Marketing by outlandish blogging

So now we know, according to a Fordham Institute blog entry today, that Mike Petrilli’s anti-union entry yesterday was a clever advertisement for a Beltway roundtable on “Rethinking Education Governance in the 21st Century.” Because, you know, they couldn’t get Snooki for it. Governance reform? That’s really what this is about: governance reform???

Verkauf von Trauer politics: the exhaust-the-listener poll

Fordham’s Gadfly blog is starting to flack a bad poll on public-employee collective bargaining, focusing on Ohio. I skimmed through the national poll results and the Ohio poll results, and the basic question I have on first reading is which masochists stayed on the phone through the end of the call? You don’t see any questions […]

Happy Labor Day!

Thanks to efforts of hundreds of thousands of folks preceding me as union members, I have enjoyed the day by reading my spouse’s novel manuscript, eating semi-indulgent stuff, relaxing, and generally not thinking about work. If you live in the U.S., I hope you’ve done similar things. And now, I’ve got to toast those predecessors…