Out of Left Field Friday

Bain considered 1997 purchase with dramatic effect on education; scuttled over scandal

In a secret set of negotiations undisclosed until today, fifteen years ago Boston-based private-equity firm Bain Capital tried to buy out an important entity that, if the deal had been concluded, probably would have undergone a reorganization that would have forever changed the face of American culture and education. For according to meeting notes discovered […]

Are the large predators hanging around Florida charter schools reptiles or humans?

Over the past few months, reporter for weekly Broward/Palm Beach New Times Lisa Rab has been uncovering all sorts of unsavory details about charter schools run by Mavericks in Education, starting with a long feature at the end of December asking how Mavericks was profiting from poor children in South Florida and how Joe Biden’s […]

Where did the work ethic go for Charles Murray?

Charles Murray “has said all of these things about black people before” — Joan Walsh, review of Coming Apart in Slate. When you’re well past your prime of peddling racist venom to elites who want to feel better about themselves, you have to reinvent things for the new century. Charles Murray has long argued the intellectual […]

Register your students to vote in Florida, pay a fine

New Smyrna Beach teacher Jill Cicciarelli taught her students about more than civics this year when she helped a number of Volusia County high school students register to vote at the beginning of the year, as she had for a number of years. The lesson this year: if you help fellow citizens to vote, you […]

You have unlocked Cynicism! Congratulations, you have earned the Jejune badge

You have unlocked the Cynicism Achievement and earned the Jejune badge!

I have watched the discussion of the Mozilla Open Badges project and this year’s Digital Media and Learning Competition‘s badges competition with some interest and a little skepticism about this and other proposed fragmented “gamification” of higher education. It turns out the Digital Campus podcast crew are even more skeptical. I forget who on this […]