19,000 reasons to pay attention to Common Core politics

According to the Orlando Sentinel’s Leslie Postal, the set of 19,000 comments that the Florida Department of Education received on the Common Core state standards is not quite the 20,000 comments on the state science standards when they were in the process of being rewritten in 2007-08. But 19,000 still easily outstrips most involvement of […]

I did not have to apply to be Florida’s education commissioner

Fortunately, Florida’s Board of Education decided not to conduct a full search for a new state commissioner of education. Instead, they decided that their second-time-around interim commissioner Pam Stewart would have the job. Whew! When Tony Bennett resigned in the summer, I wondered if the board of education would try to snag a supposed star […]

Quick note on Tony Bennett: anchor cases and leadership

I’m trying to get some other things done today, but the news on Tony Bennett is dominating education reporting in Florida this week, and my two cents’ worth of response is easy to explain. Essentially, the emails AP dug up through a public records request showed that when he was the state superintendent in Indiana, […]

Florida’s education clunkocracy

Yesterday, the Florida Board of Education voted to change the rules by which the state Department of Education labels local public and charter schools with letter grades each summer. The 4-3 vote was far from its usual unanimous endorsement of the education commissioner’s recommendation.

Odds and ends

On the good side, it’s Bastille Day, and I survived my biweekly killer workout.1 On the other hand, I’m depressed about virtually everything involving the prosecution of George Zimmerman, and not concentrating well as a result. So just a few bits and pieces today: I am still bewildered that the prosecution of Zimmerman first chose a […]