Academic freedom

Watch, but ridicule

A blog entry today on the Inside Higher Ed site helped me realize what's bugging me about the conversations around Bill Cronon and the Wisconsin GOP's crass efforts to intimidate faculty: [Another reason to be skittish about working in public higher ed is] the open records request in Wisconsin for Bill Cronon's emails. Not that, […]

Bill Cronon: a quick note

Like thousands of other historians, I have admired Bill Cronon's scholarship for years and think the Wisconsin GOP was nuts to go after his emails through a public-records request of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the epitome of the solid scholar and far from the evangelizing radical I bet the Wisconsin GOP was hoping […]

Florida House attacks college-teacher tenure, unless you’re the president

Tomorrow, the Florida House K-20 Competitiveness Subcommittee has on its agenda a newly-filed proposed committee bill that would eliminate tenure in the Florida College System. The Florida College System is the set of more than two dozen former community colleges that educate hundreds of thousands of Floridians every year. (California has a three-tier public higher-ed system; […]

Why Faculty Like Me Support Unions

I joined the United Faculty of Florida my first semester at USF, in 1996. I joined because I wish there had been a graduate-student union at the University of Pennsylvania, where graduate assistants in some colleges were paid well below poverty rates and yet were told that if they were given any assistance, they could […]

Facebook, teacher ethics, and history

This weekend's Tampa area news story about the Plant City High School teacher who gave a student a contraceptive is at one level a story about a (former!) teacher who had no boundaries and no common sense. She had a student on her Facebook list, gave him a morning-after contraceptive package after he was worried he had […]