Academic freedom

Courts of Appeal respond to Roberts Court establishmentarianism

Last week, two federal court cases restricted the ability of both students and teachers to make decisions about what happens in school. In one, an appellate court ruled that a cheerleader had no right to refuse to participate in a cheer specifically supporting her rapist, and in the other a court ruled that teachers have no […]

Horowitz is becoming a little more clever

Cue voice of Don LaFontaine: He’s back, he’s got a bionic brain, and he’s coming after the Victorian specialist in your department. As Inside Higher Ed reported this morning, David Horowitz has a new schtick. You may remember him from the last decade, pushing the Academic Bill of Rights, which appeared in legislative bill form […]

William McKeen and me

On Sunday, the St. Petersburg Times published a bizarre column by University of Florida journalism chair William McKeen, who started off by asserting that UAH killer Amy Bishop is somehow presenting a case against tenure and then headed off into the mythical nethersphere of a world where all professors are tenured sloths.  My response will […]

Collegiality: It’s harder to separate ideas from people than you might think

As the president of the USF chapter of Florida’s statewide faculty union, it’s part of my job to defend the academic due process rights of That Guy.* If you’ve worked at a college or university, you’ve had to deal with That Guy, a generally prickly personality more commonly male than female who may have some good […]

Why unions need competent administrators on the other side

Dean Dad neatly explains why Southwestern College’s leaders aren’t even competent Machiavellian administrators. While I’ve occasionally heard from people that the best union recruiting tool is a horrid manager, life is more complicated. Yes, there are threshold effects of managerial incompetence and cruelty on organizing campaigns, but for an already-recognized union with plenty of duties, […]