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Stacked bar chart -- note how this chart stacks percentages for different populations.

How to kill a good report by using Excel

My brain is hurting this afternoon, because someone decided to use a stacked bar chart for two figures in the brand-new Georgetown Center for Education and Workforce report on employment and salary data for different undergraduate degrees, written by Anthony Carnevale and Ban Cheah. Here is the chart on unemployment data for different clusters of […]

Power and authority in oral history, public history, quantitative social history, and now digital history, …

Thus far, submitting a chapter for Writing History of the Digital Age has been one of the more engaging and enjoyable bits of writing and scholarly interaction I’ve had in almost a quarter century in my field. The public discussion (including comments by the peer reviewers for the press) has been productive from my perspective as an […]

Accountability Frankenstein 50% off trade paperback this week

Shamless plug alert: All Information Age Publishing titles are half-price this week for trade paperback editions when you order directly from the publisher, which means you can pick up Accountability Frankenstein for $23 plus shipping. You can also pick up Gene Glass’s Fertilizers, Pills, and Magnet Strips, Johanningmeier and Richardson’s Educational Research, the National Agenda, and […]

Writing History in the Digital Age: Open Review

If you are interested in commenting on a born-digital edited volume about historical scholarship while it is in progress, please head over to Writing History in the Digital Age (opens new window), to which I have contributed an essay. Today begins an open review period that will last through mid-November. Below is the open invitation from […]

New York Times describes the fall of the blog

The death of the blog was announced today by the paper of record: Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter. I’d say more, but I’m approaching my character lim