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Welcome to Valerie Strauss readers!

If you came here after reading the Q&A Valerie Strauss posted today, thank you! Stick around, subscribe to the RSS feed, and keep reading. I don't bite, and I try to be entertaining part of the time.

Hello, URL

And as of 11:27 pm, August 7, 2010, the blog is switched over to WordPress. There are a few things to double-check, primarily seeing what the Feedburner feed looks like tomorrow morning, but the process was fairly painless. Comments are now WP-native, and I think there’s no way to recover the JS-Kit/old Haloscan comments. I’ll […]

Anthologize: a blog-to-book tool

Thanks to the folks at George Mason U.’s Center for History and New Media, who put on the One Week | One Tool “digital humanities barn raising” last week, and the dozen digital-humanities coders and other scholars who worked hard last week, the world now has Anthologize, a WordPress 3.0 plug-in that will allow someone to pull […]

What can graphic novels teach us about verbs in static displays?

I’m in my office this afternoon for a few hours getting some work-related puttering done. While I’m procrastinating on the puttering for a few minutes, I want to talk aloud (or write publicly) about some thoughts I had in the last few days about how graphic novels convey verbs. Here’s the problem: most forms of […]

One Blog Schoolhouse: the PDF

Should’ve been done a few months ago, but if you want to read the entire text of One Blog Schoolhouse, it’s now available as a nonprinting PDF. (I recommend that you click the “PDF” link in brackets, since I don’t know if scribd will convert a nonprinting PDF.) The entire thing. Absolutely free to read.