Volunteers for Florida Education Wars

[Corrected July 14: HT.]The application period has closed, and the following have tossed their hat into the ring for Florida’s Commissioner of Ed Spot:

  • Dannett Babb
  • G Ellis Gary
  • Henry Hastings
  • Robert Jennings
  • John Jones, Jr.
  • James Kador
  • Emanuel J Klimis
  • Joseph Marinelli
  • Joseph A Molloy
  • William J Moloney
  • John O’Sullivan, Jr.
  • Simon Priest
  • Joram Rejouis 
  • Deena Stevens
  • Stephen A. Stohla
  • Cristina Trettner
  • Sandra Tuttle
  • Jim Warford
  • Thomas Watkins, Jr.
  • Linda Wilson
  • Bennie Williams
  • Bob Woody
  • Sheri Yecki

Warford is the most likely to be favored by administrators around the state. Yecki is the most controversial applicant… thus far. Then again, this is Florida.

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