New York Times describes the fall of the blog

The death of the blog was announced today by the paper of record: Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter. I’d say more, but I’m approaching my character lim

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2 responses to “New York Times describes the fall of the blog”

  1. CCPhysicist

    What is hilarious is that they don’t seem to know that Facebook status updates are posted in inverse chronological order and you can comment on them, etc etc. That means Fb is just a short-form blog. Similarly, Twitter is also in inverse chronological order. It is a really-short-form blog, without embedded comments.

    If you want to write anything as long as an actual paragraph, you need to use a blog and then link it to Facebook.

    But only an idiot would fail to see that Facebook functions just like a blog for people of few words or many videos, but has features that also improve networking among its users.