Note to Biddy Martin: You’re not the queen

Apparently University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor Biddy Martin is blocking tweets from those who disagree with her on her preferred higher-ed policy, including her own faculty.

Dear Chancellor Biddy Martin,

A key way to lose confidence among faculty and students is demonstrating thin skin either by yourself directly or by whoever you have picked to manage your Twitter feed. Even if you'd like to stomp on the faces of those who disagree with you, this is a very bad idea. Thick skin is useful politically as well as psychologically. You are not royalty, and you shouldn't behave or appear as if you think you are.

Two of the key assets of university presidents and chancellors are poise and patience. Self-deprecation is also useful. Behaving as if you have your fingers in your ears? Not so attractive.

Love and leadership,

Sherman Dorn

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One response to “Note to Biddy Martin: You’re not the queen”

  1. Catherine Lugg

    Yet another example of how the CEO mentality of higher ed leads to seriously “ass-hatish” behavior. Given the “liturgical year,” perhaps her leadership “penance” should be to toil as a custodian for a few months and live on that salary. A major attitude adjustment is definitely in order.