Summer transitions

Two transitions are on my mind today. First, a short drive in the last hour was probably the last time this summer I will sit by my son as he drives to his volunteer hours at the local animal shelter. Assuming he passes his road test in the very near future, he’ll have a driver’s license, one more step to independence. At least thus far, he’s a good driver, and more generally signs are pointing in the direction of his becoming a man I will be proud of. For a few weeks we’ll have four drivers and two cars, until my daughter returns to college.

Debtageddon is nothing next to Chairmageddon. In 9 days I become a department chair, for which some fellow union members have teased me as “going over to the gray side.”1 I have a bunch of great colleagues to work for, and I’m ready. Well, except finishing the office move.

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  1. Chairs in my college are in the faculty bargaining unit. []

One response to “Summer transitions”

  1. Catherine Lugg

    Congrats on becoming chair. Like your shop, chairs at Rutgers are also in the collective bargaining unit. So, our current union president, Adrienne Eaton, is also chair of her department. I will say, “I hope the increment is worth the excrement.”