The bituminous tower?

A few months after arguing that education was designed entirely around industrialization, Duke University English professor Cathy Davidson admiringly refers to Ken Robinson’s TED talk and argues that “we’re really, implicitly training students to be college professors” in K-12 schooling (Davidson’s words). Put the two together and I’m wondering where all those college professors in the coal mines are. (There certainly are tens of thousands of contingent faculty in the country whose work lives are uncomfortable and insecure, but I don’t think they’re the ones Davidson is targeting, if for no other reason than that’s not the life she’s accusing K-12 schooling of trying (or claiming) to replicate.)

I know what the origins of all this may be: there may be some advantage in looking “edgy” at the same time she’s trying to get attention for a new book; that’s why her blog entry identifies herself as an “Edu-Traitor!” (exclamation in original). But to me, it appears that she’s trying to look as if she’s trying to look as if she’s edgy, and that’s trying too hard in the service of an incoherent critique of schooling.

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