Put those whetstones away

Annie Lowrey’s New York Times piece on the December 2011 NBER paper by Raj Chetty, John Friedman, and Jonah Rockoff is going to be the talk of the weekend when the education blogule isn’t talking about NCLB’s 10th anniversary or the update of the Gates MET research.

But unless someone talks about specific findings that go beyond Lowrey–i.e., someone writes after having read the darned paper–could you please ignore the blather? I am sure that confirmation bias is going to be rampant on the topic, but it’s a 93-page paper, and it deserves careful reading for both what it could contribute and where it might be weak, and no, I don’t know at the moment which is going to be where. So my axe is staying on its hooks over the front door of this blog, at least for now. I urge you to do the same until you read the paper.

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