Petulance and its discontents

George Leef reified ACTA’s logical slip yesterday by saying that Ward Churchill’s plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification were not “the main thing” in terms of his transgressions and repeats the claim that courses are replete with ideological bias (based on a few anecdotes, as usual). ACTA’s blog says it’s “good … to see the petulance with which some academics respond to legitimate criticism named for what it is.”
Hmmn… I guess it’s fair to infer tone from a written document, but we don’t know who the petulants are. John Wilson? Me? Well, I have a thick-enough skin that calling me petulant doesn’t bother me, but Leef could’ve had the decency to provide a link to us miscreants to drive up our visitor counts… oh, wait. That would be petulant griping.
In any case, the ad hominem remarks don’t address the substantive criticism by Hiram Hover or Timothy Burke, among others. And it’s just mind-boggling for anyone to say with a straight face that evidence of research misconduct isn’t the “main thing” when it appears.

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