Texas Governor to Faculty at UT-Pan American: You Suck

Well, that’s probably not the explicit intention of Governor Rick Perry when he released his plan to link multiple-choice exams to higher-ed funding increases, but I think the analysis described in the article is dead on:

Other critics said that the system was set up in a way that would reward places like the University of Texas at Austin – where graduates are likely to perform well on standardized tests. As a result, these critics fear, money will flow to the wealthiest universities and not to the institutions in south Texas that serve Latino students who are less likely to have attended competitive high schools.

On the good side, the governor proposed plenty of moolah. On the bad side, it’s tied to a perverse system of incentives (multiple-choice exams in history?  sheesh). On the good side, the Texas legislature has already started its session, and sometimes mid-session proposals in state legislatures die simply from lack of time. On the bad side, we’re talking about the Texas legislature, which is now without the sharp oversight of Molly Ivins.

On the good side, I’m talking about our society’s trust in testing this morning, and I can now start with Texas and end with football.

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