Call for Papers: The comparative and international history of school accountability and testing

The current set of debates within national education systems includes significant discussion and enactment of school accountability mechanisms. While there is considerable variation among countries, the internationalization of test-based accountability is a significant and recent phenomenon. That broader pattern of accountability has a history that overlaps with both the history of testing and the broader […]

Evil Academic Overlords for Peer-Review Reform

As I’ve started copyediting the last batch of accepted manuscripts for Education Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA) from my editorial tenure, I’ve been thinking of John Willinsky’s and Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s comments about academic publishing, open access, the peer review process, and academic credentialing in general. In his incrementalist “let’s push any move towards more open access” […]

EPAA acceptance rate, 2007 and 2008 (English language articles): 12-13%

I have been doing some tidying up with EPAA, and looked at the stats for 2008. I don’t check the statistics often (and especially not early in a calendar year when manuscripts from the prior year may well be still pending), but authors occasionally need the information for tenure and promotion purposes. While there are […]

Teachers and school demographics

A few weeks ago, the Journal of Labor Economics published C. Kirabo Jackson’s study of teacher moves away from schools in Charlotte that were moving towards single-race, segregated status (see lay description here; subscription-required article here). Today, the Education Policy Analysis Archives publishes Kitae Sohn’s article, Teacher Turnover: An Issue of Workgroup Racial Diversity (secondary […]

Four hours

It took me four hours today to write and polish a disposition e-mail to the author(s) of a submission. This was a manuscript that I enjoyed very much but for a variety of reasons could not publish, and I owed the author(s) some good advice, or at least the best advice I could give. When […]