Out of Left Field Friday

American preschoolers dangerously behind world in mastering jargon

Researchers argue in a new paper that young American children are endangering the nation’s economy by not learning corporate buzzwords as fast as their peers around the globe. “This is a crisis,” said report writer Amelie Schafer-Berenzoit, Senior Reform Enthusiasm Scientist at the Washington think tank The Group Group. “Research proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that American […]

Reporter Doesn’t Know She Has Written Same Article on Teaching at least Five Times, Maybe Twenty

Jane Halibut had her first byline at the Metropolis Herald at age 23, with a profile of a Metropolis State University physics professor who taught introductory classes in a studio setting and doubled the number of physics majors. Halibut’s story became the most-emailed article for the month, and she was showered with kudos from the Herald‘s publisher.

Groundbreaking Study Shows We Have Been Doing It All Wrong

When familiar behavior you see every day happens, you think to yourself, I know that behavior is what I’ve been told that behavior is, amirite? Brand new research gives absolutely incontrovertible proof that we may be completely misunderstanding common behavior. Boom! A new study by unnamed researchers at some universities we’ve never heard of before […]

Most Fabulist Edu-Predictions of 2015

Since NPR has seen fit to publish a listicle with education predictions for the year, I need to get in on this. Please be forewarned: I’m an historian, and sometimes it’s hard enough for me to predict the past, so there are no guarantees that these are going to be possible, let alone likely.

Lil’ Putin annexes Chicago suburb

Putin invades the Crimea, and you won’t believe what happened next in Illinois! Warning: this entry is Not Safe for Wusses Who Can’t Stand Satire (NSFWWCSS).