Professional stuff

I am a professor at Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. From July 2014 through December 2020, I was the director of the Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation. Before ASU, I was a professor of education at the University of South Florida, where I landed as an assistant professor in 1996. You can see my official profile here.

During 2021, I am on sabbatical/research leave, focusing on the post-WW2 history of educational broadcasting.

3 responses to “Professional stuff”

  1. Donna Warner

    I have been looking for a paraphrasing tool that I have used in the past to help my students learn to paraphrase correctly. I believe you were responsible for the tool and I’m hoping you can tell me where I can find it. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  2. Mark Hinrichs


    I ran across your name in the course of following the blog of an old colleague of mine, Matthew Reed aka Dean Dad.

    I went to grade school with your brother Ron, and after doing English studies at Amherst and Rutgers, found an interesting career path at two of the largest for-profit higher ed systems, first in New Jersey and for the last six years in Arizona. I have yet to get together with Ron in Tempe, but perhaps my sighting of you is a good omen.

    I look forward to familiarizing myself with your work.

    Best to all the Dorns from the Hinrichs’!

    Mark Hinrichs
    Dean of Academic Affairs
    The Art Institute of Tucson