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Join the Digital Inhumanities

Over the past decade, the renewed connections between digital manipulation and traditional humanities has led to a renaissance in the quantification of the unquantifiable, the digitization of the uncountable, and the encoding of the ineffable. It is high time that we encapsulate this academic movement in a term that will be broadly recognizable, attractive to […]

Sharknado of the status quo

Warning: this is the last evening of a weeklong vacation. My sense of humor is thus a little warped. Paul Bruno correctly observes this evening that bad sports metaphors are rife in education policy discussions, and he urges us to avoid them: But what purpose do most of these analogies serve? Are education issues really […]

Trend newspaper stories becoming quite common

The following isn’t quite the most emailed New York Times article ever, but I gather this is a draft of a feature that will shortly be appearing. Trend stories becoming common by Parke Davis “ICYMI, Thomas Friedman has a column in the NYTimes again,” said the tweet. “It’s becoming a trend.” This, like so many other […]

So long, and thanks for all the Stanley Fish

I’ve got insomnia thanks to some minor food poisoning, but it’s not so severe that it requires I be admitted to a hospital, so I’ll take my dyspepsia out on my readers. All 2.17… of you who are awake at this hour, on the weekend, and having nothing better to do than read an academic […]

Sorry, those of you told you were talented: Effort still matters much more

David Hambrick and Elizabeth J. Meinz, arguing that Talent Matters in today’s New York Times Sunday review section: But working memory capacity made a statistically significant contribution as well about 7 percent, a medium-size effect This was in comparison to total practice time, which contributed “nearly half of the performance differences.” This is from a Meinz and Hambrick […]