Popular writing

Below are columns I have written or co-authored for the general public, plus one interview:

Dorn, S. (2017, July 25). Not an advocate for students or the public interest: Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Public Seminar.

Dorn, S., & Potterton, A. (2015, October 8). Arne Duncan’s legacy: Growing influence of a network of private actors on public education. The Conversation and Huffington Post. “One does not need to be paranoid to worry about the concentration of decision-making in the hands of people who are friends and who are not accountable to the general public.”

Strauss, V. (2015, February 28). How Jeb Bush’s reforms really played out in Florida [email interview]. Washington Post blog.

Dorn, S. (2013, September 3). Kick the reform habit. Inside Higher Ed. “Ratings and rankings are the crack cocaine of today’s generation of education reformers …”

Dorn, S. (2008, April 7). It’s the student work. stupid. Inside Higher Ed. “… reading dissertations is hard work, and probably far more boring than looking at the statistics that go into the U.S. News rankings.”

Dorn, S. (2008, February 23). Reform Bright Futures scholarships. Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville). (Link requires Questia account; op-ed no longer on open web.)

Dorn, S. (2001, September 19). War may raise serious issues at home. History News Service.

Dorn, S. (1996, June 21). High schools’ phenomenal success created the dropout “problem.” Montreal Gazette and other Knight-Ridder newspapers. PDF.

Over the years I have also been quoted for stories in education outlets–Education Week, Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and the Times Higher Education Supplement. I have also been quoted by reporters from the New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, Newsweek, Congressional Quarterly, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Tampa Tribune, Daytona Beach News-Journal, Arizona Republic, Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, and probably a few other places I now forget.

Television and radio appearances

Arizona Horizons (Arizona PBS), about Proposition 123 (education funding referendum), April 19, 2016. Video.

Florida Matters (WUSF-FM), about Florida state testing, March 2014. Audio.