E-book readers and faculty workflow

I agree with novelist Charlie Stress (hat tip): electronic book readers are enormously useful for people who have to read enormous amounts of text. Stress’s context is the group of acquisition editors (“slushpile” readers) he knows, but it is also true for faculty. I bought a Sony PRS-505 earlier this year in hopes of becoming […]

Grading highs

I have a bunch of odds and ends to finish before submitting grades, but I read two papers this morning that earned very high grades in different ways. I’ll explain more after I’m done, but it was a great way to start the week. The rest of this week is for grading, EPAA stuff (yes, […]

Feeling lazy at 9:30 am

I must be too-well socialized: I’m reading my daughter’s book manuscript this morning, but I’ll probably leave the house shortly to get some work done on Education Policy Analysis Archives and then reading and grading papers. Yesterday’s class documented two things for me: I had planned enough for an entire day of teaching, and it’s […]

Can we count graduation??

Ed Week has its annual graduation special issue online, Diplomas Count 2008. Joydeep Roy and Larry Mishel have a brand-new article out today criticizing Swanson’s measures as well as those of others, available at the ASU server or the epaa.info server for Education Policy Analysis Archives. (Disclosure: I’m the editor. And I’ve done some research […]

Brain… dripping… out… editor’s… ears…

I’ve done about all I can on editing today. I still have e-mails from last week I need to respond to, reviewers to nag, disposition e-mails to write, … but I’ve been in my office for over 8 hours, mostly alone, and if you are waiting for me to send you something, please understand that […]