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Happy Mother’s Day! and some random thoughts

Happy Mother's Day! Both of our children were born in May, and I made sure to get some flowers for my wonderful spouse. For those with an historical bent, I recommend last year's Backstory Radio podcast on Mother's Day. For my present to my own mother, I decided not to call her when I got […]

A few million viruses love me today

Third day of nasty head cold. My spouse is being wonderful to me, but this definitely isn't a very romantic environment I'm creating: HOOOOONNNNK!!! I'm not sure if I sound like a parasaurolophus or another hadrosaur, but I don't recommend it as courting behavior for other humans, and probably for no primates.  Regular blogging will resume […]

New York Times indulges in iconographics – ugh!

Today’s America by the Numbers is a set of gratuitous icons next to decontextualized numbers. Cases in point: civil marriages and divorces. The numbers in the Times icon display are crude rates, against the entire population. Of course one would expect a lower marriage rate as a population ages, because young adults are more likely […]

Hawk needs a hawser in the house

NPR has picked up on the news of an unusual patron of the Library Of Congress, a gorgeous Cooper's Hawk who has been in the LOC's main reading room for almost a week. Apparently it's still there today, not yet captured by wildlife experts trying to help it.  [Insert obvious joke about stubborn library patrons here.] […]

Comment policy

I've been impressed by the comment policy at Paul Krugman's blog, so I'm going to borrow it here, with a few tweaks: No spam No comments irrelevant to the post or ongoing comment discussion No ad hominem or obscenities First time you comment, it's held until I can approve it. No comments that stretch beyond […]