Accountability Frankenstein 50% off trade paperback this week

Shamless plug alert: All Information Age Publishing titles are half-price this week for trade paperback editions when you order directly from the publisher, which means you can pick up Accountability Frankenstein for $23 plus shipping. You can also pick up Gene Glass’s Fertilizers, Pills, and Magnet Strips, Johanningmeier and Richardson’s Educational Research, the National Agenda, and School Reform: A History, and other titles in the history of education and education policy/politics.

One response to “Accountability Frankenstein 50% off trade paperback this week”

  1. Glen S. McGhee

    Hm … do you explore why Campbell’s Law is true?
    Or even Goodhart’s law, which states:
    “Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes.”
    (Goodhart’s original 1975 formulation)

    Isn’t this what sociologists call measure reactivity?